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    This work is intended primarily for programmers modelling physical processes. It is intended as a reference and fast tutorial.
    Beginner tutorials in much of the material covered here can be found elsewhere.
    Though advanced mathematics is not required to use the techniques described, some familiarity with standard mathematical notations is assumed. These notations are described in the glossary. Algorithms are described rather than presentated in a particular computer language.
    In this work I eshew the mathematical traditions of theorems, lemmas, numbered equations, and references for the sake of brevity and flow. These can be found in fuller more formal works. Sketch proofs are provided for some important results. Fleshing them out can be considered excercises for those so inclined. The intention here is to foster understanding and rapidly facilitate use in the readers field of interest. Hopefully, this will appeal to the "what can I do with it?" programmer attitude. Mathematics can be truly beautiful, and it can create great beauty. It remains the ultimate toolkit.

    Please note that i am  not the Ian Bell who edited "Maths for the Building Trades" [1997 - Longman]. I  am the Ian Bell who wrote "Elite".

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