Viewing Illegible Websites

If the text on a website "blends" or interferes with the background image you have four basic options.

1.Highlight the text

    Edit|Select_All is the quickest way to do this. Unless the page makes extensive use of frames, this is the easiest way to ensure legibility of enough of the text to decide whether it warrants adopting one of the more permanent solutions described below.

2.Ensure your browser is not overiding the intended colours

    If the text colour is very like the background colour this may be because your browser has been configured to use specific colours instead of those intended by the website designer. This setting may be under Options|Preferences|Colours, or Edit|Preferences|Appearance|Colours or similar depending on your browser. Most text on this website should appear white. Unvisited links should be in red.

    Alternatively, you can use this setting to force your own choice of text colours.

3.Disable Graphics

    You can always disable graphics (Edit|Preferences|Advanced|Autoload_Images on Netscape) (View|Options|Show_Pictures on MSIE). Most documents on this site contain no pictures so you won't loose much. With Netscape, this does not disable images already in the cache (unless you clear the cache).

4.Copy files and view locally

    You can Save_As files of interest to your own hardrive and view there. This will have the effect of removing the background image.

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