Web Browser Printing Notes

When trying to print out web site pages that have white or yellow letters on a dark background you may obtain printed pages that are mostly white or mostly black. You can configure your web browser up to print these pages legibly (if not actually correctly) by setting some printing options. You can tell your browser to treat the page as black text on white. Failing this, you can override the web page colors, by setting your own colors, and then viewing the page, and printing it.

1. Try Setting Print Options

Pull down the "FILE" menu, and click on "PAGE SETUP" . In "PAGE OPTIONS" check "BLACK TEXT" and "BLACK LINES", then click "OK". That's it! (You can leave these settings on all the time.)

Your browser may have slightly different menus and option names, but essentually you are looking to set the page printing options of the browser to override the page colors and print as black on white only. Most modern browsers can do this.

2. Try Changing Your Colours

Pull down the "OPTIONS" menu and click on "GENERAL PREFERENCES". Select the "COLORS" page tab and choose a "TEXT COLOR" of BLACK and a "BACKGROUND COLOR" of "WHITE", then click on "ALWAYS USE MY COLORS, OVERIDING DOCUMENT" then "OK". (After printing, you need to go back to the "COLORS" dialog box and uncheck the "OVERRIDE" checkbox to see website colors properly again.)

Your browser may have slightly different menu names and options, but essentially you can override all page colors and set your own desired colors for background, text, links and such. You can setup a color set that prints well on your printer and turn these color settings on or off (override or not override) anytime you need to.

Don't forget to turn off override when you are done, or subsequent web sites will not display as intended.

3. Save the Text Somewhere Else

"FILE" and "SAVE AS" the web page to a file on your system; open the file in any word processing program; print it out from that program! This has the added advantage of being able to save it in another file format, but you do lose the images.

4. Last resort: Edit the HTML

"FILE" and "SAVE AS" the web page as an HTML file on your system; open the file in any text editor; adjust the <BODY BGCOLOR=?????? TEXT=????? ..... > line to BGCOLOR="WHITE", TEXT="BLACK"; save the modified file; open it from your web browser and print as normal. You will loose the images unless you also copy them to the same directory.

Symbol font problems

Some browsers fail to display Symbol font characters correctly in Print_Preview but do manage them in a hardcopy print out. If Print_Preview fails to display symbol font characters correctly, try printing out a single test page.

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