UV body Art
              Cambridge UltraViolet BodyArt provide face and body painting at trance dance events.
We also experiment with photograpy of nudes painted with flourescent cosmetics under "black" (UV) light.
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Photographic images arising from our studio and party work.
Party Services
Quality face and body painting in a comfortable UV environment.
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Head gif 1 (3Kbyte) Discussion
What is UV BodyArt?
'Where can I get the paints?' and other Frequently Asked Questions answered.
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Theo (5Kbyte) 'The Biz' 2002 Jamaica 99
Jamaica 00
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Painted Back (2Kbyte) Models Wanted
We are currently looking for new models.
Warning to Ravers!
Some individuals have been applying acrylic based poster paints, and UV security marker ink, to folk too happily intoxicated to consider the wisdom of applying such substances directly to their skin...
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Verushka (3Kbyte) Body Art Links
Recommended body painting sites.
Rave Links
Recommended rave and UV effects sites.
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To contact UV Body Art email iancgbell@clara.co.uk or email mikeolive@hotmail.com .                       
Legislation Alert: New proposed UK human anatomy criminalisation legislation: The new "Sexual Offences Bill" [alternate link ] covers a broad range of real crimes but with regard to the specific "offence" of "indecent exposure" (section 70) it will make it a criminal offence to strip off at a festival, protest naked against war, visit a nudist beach or make love in public.   If a person   "intentionally exposes his or her genitels" and "is reckless as to whether, a person who sees them will be caused alarm or distress" and (according to the notes) this can apply "regardless of whether they actually see the genitals or whether they have been alarmed or distressed by seeing them". Worse still if the person who does not see the genitals and is not offended is under the age of 16 a sexual offence will have been committed.
    If you have any comments on the subject Fax Your MP and the MP responsible (Hilary Benn).

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