Recommended RBack Out (<1K)VE and UV sites

Ultra Violet related sites

UV FX Bimodal paintings.

Wildfire US UV supplier.

Glowshop and UV Gear are UK UV suppliers for lights, balloons, plastics, toys, paints, condoms, etc.  

Don Klipstein's Lighting Info Site Physics and practicalities of UV lighting.

Teknobubbles UV flourescent bubbles (quality unknown).

UV stun guns Trust the military to find a use. Chain mail anyone?

Black lit volleyball "Combines the fun of volley ball with the magic of black lights". Hmmm.

Rave/Trance sites

Hyperreal The definitive site for rave philosophy and analysis. But you knew that already.

Psyberspaced Starchild's excellent link list for all things trance and conciousness related.

Dale's London Techno Events Useful listing site for London UK trance & techno events.

mutant dance Bristol (strong scene) site. Neal Saunder's MDMA-related site.

Dance Music Resource Page Site for the overground UK rave scene.

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