What can UV Body Back Out (<1K) rt offer Promoters?
Mike's Bodyart (17Kbyte) Cambridge UV Body Art adopts a far more professional attitude than many rave face painters, providing Ian's Bodyart (15Kbyte)
Quality face and body painting in a comfortable environment with both brushes and airbrushes (quiet compressors),
2 x 400W UV cannon.
2 x Chaufet LED Shadow blacklight
1 x UV LED curtain
8 x 4 foot Perspex-shielded splash-proofed UV tubes
2 x 2 foot Perspex-shielded splash-proofed UV tubes
1 x 105W UV flourscent bulb
4 x 10 inch cold cathode UV tubes

Based in Cambridge, UK we have worked with outfits including   the Clueless System ; Off Yer Face ; Uprizing ; Renacimiento .
  • Mike (Beauty) ;
  • Ian (Celtic) ;
  • Tim: (Tribal) ;
  • Sadie (Edgey):
  • Sophie:

    We use only water-based makeup expressly designed by reputable theatrical cosmetics companies (Grimas, Fardell and Kryolan) for use on human skin. Having painted many hundreds of people we have encountered only two adverse reactions (temporary skin irritations).
    Be advised that the acryllics and poster paints used by some painters can cause adverse effects and be hard to remove from skin, cloathing, and furnishings.

    To contact UV Body Art email iancgbell@clara.co.uk or email mikeolive@hotmail.com .

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