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    " To conduct one's life according to the Tao, is to conduct one's life without regrets;
to realise that potential within oneself which is of benefit to all."

This site reflects my current interests and activities. You can email me at ian@ianbell.me. Click on an icon or the adjacent heading to load a page.
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Computer Games
I design and program computer games. Past work includes "Elite" and "Free Fall".
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Maths For Programmers
Mathmatics can be truly beautiful, and it can create great beauty. It remains the ultimate toolkit.
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UltraViolet Body Art 'The concept of brightness often carries through into art intended for the public domain: not only does it evoke a radiant presence of supernatural power but it also provides a means by which artists explore concepts beyond the tangible qualities of life.'    
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About me Specialities: Algorithm design and programming relating to: Real time graphics (esp. procedural); audio; collision detection and mechanics; optimisation; lexical processing; approximation methods; strategy formulation.   Game Aesthetics. Gameplay issues. Third World issues.

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