Ian C G Bell

Potted Bio
  I was born in England in 1962 on the Samhain, I attended St Albans Abbey Public (ie. private) School on a State scholarship and received an Exhibition place at Jesus College, Cambridge to study Mathematics - specialising initially in pure mathematics and finally optimisation techniques. Despite obtaining a first class maths degree, the computer science department required i take a Computer Science Diploma prior to my intended PhD in Artificial Intelligence. I obtained the diploma but was so disenchanted by the nature of the material (with the exception of predicate calculus and formal semantics) that i left academia to concentrate on artistic programming.
    While at university i wrote the computer game Free Fall and coauthored the original 3D space game Elite which sold well enough to finance many years of hobbyist programming and study of martial arts.
    A project with Oxfam for a political/economic adventure game exposing the reality of US foreign policy in Central America collapsed and i have since been working on a new, somewhat psychaedelic, computer game.
    I currently work from home in rural East Anglia, UK.
    Some of my hobbies and interests can be inferred from my homepage but also include juggling and massage.

    My consultancy rates regarding programming and design are reasonable.
      I am not to be confused with Ian Andrew Bell who trades as "Ian Bell Consulting".

Algorithm design and programming relating to: Real time graphics (esp. procedural); audio; collision detection and mechanics; optimisation; lexical processing; approximation methods; strategy formulation; third world issues.   Compact assembly coding. Game Aesthetics. Gameplay issues. UV Body   Art
Primary Languages
C/C++, Assembly (6502,ARM,Intel).
1st Class Honours Degree in Mathematics (MA), University of Cambridge UK (1985)
Diploma in Computer Science, University of Cambridge UK (1986).
A & S Levels:: (1981): Maths: A ; Further Maths: A2; Physics: A1     AO Levels:: (1979): Biology: A     O Levels:: (1978/79): History: A ; Economics: A ; Physics: A ; Chemistry: A ; Maths: A ; Further Maths: A ; French: B ; English: B; English Literature: B
Previous Work
Machine control and Finite Element Analysis programing for Malaysian Rubber Producers Research Association. Freelance game design and programming (notably "Elite"). Conversions of Elite to a variety of 6502 platforms. Codevelopment of PC voxel-based character animation system for Revolution Software. Development water, fire and smoke effects for Sony Playstation for Pterodactyl Software. Independant development of procedural ray stepping techniques.

Stereotypical Classification : Vegetarian anarchist heterosexual artist programmer mathematician.   
Favourite Films : Aliens [Amazon UK], Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure , Brazil [Amazon UK], Chinese Ghost Story #1 [Amazon UK] and #2 [Amazon UK] , Local Hero    , Monty Python & the Holy Grail [Amazon UK] , Withnail & I. .
Favourite Director : Terry Gilliam.
Favourite Composers : J S Bach, Carlo Gesualdo.
Favourite Books : "Storming Heaven"  by Jay Stevens; "The Cosmic Serpent" by Jeremy Narby [Amazon UK]

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