Model Release Form print problems (<1K)

I, ________________________________________ (THE MODEL), release the photographs taken of me by _______________________________ (THE PHOTOGRAPHER) on the ______ day of _____________ ________ (THE PHOTOS) for
  1. Non-commercial use in THE PHOTOGRAPHER'S portfolio and as personal advertisement for their photography services. Including, but not limited to, display on THE PHOTOGRAPHER's internet ("World Wide Web") site.
  2. Use in gallery exhibition and limited edition print sale.
  3. Any use, reuse and/or publishing, and republishing of in any media and for any use, including (but not by way of limitation) illustration, promotion and advertising and trade, and to use the name _______________ in connection therewith. The only exceptions to this are that the material may not be used in promotion of any of the companies or products listed here without further written permission;
    1. fur,
    2. the company Nestle.
    3. ...add whatever....
Any other use will require prior written approval from THE MODEL.

THE MODEL releases custody of the negatives of, and copyright in, THE PHOTOS to THE PHOTOGRAPHER on the understanding that she reserves the right to use copies of these photographs in her portfolio and for personal advertisement of herself.

THE MODEL reserves the right to request further copies of any of THE PHOTOS for no more than the cost of printing.

Should more than 100 be recieved by THE PHOTOGRAPHER from the exploitation of THE PHOTOS then THE MODEL shall receive 20% of such monies as received by THE PHOTOGRAPHER.

COPYRIGHT in THE PHOTOS shall not be transferred to a third party without the consent of THE MODEL.

Permission for transfer will not be unreasonably withheld by THE MODEL.

THE PHOTOGRAPHER and MODEL both, hereby take responsibility to keep the other informed of a contact name and address (internet or residential) for the purposes of communication between them.
Should THE PHOTOGRAPHER fail to do so he shall forfeit the right to use the photographs taken;
should THE MODEL fail to do so she shall forfeit the right to a percentage of any profits made and THE PHOTOGRAPHER shall be given full copyright to use THE PHOTOS as he so pleases.

Signature (THE MODEL):




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