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dave (27Kbyte)
" The fact that some elements [of the US government] may appear to be potentially ‘out of control’ can be beneficial to creating and reinforcing fears and doubts within the minds of an adversary's decision makers.
    That the US may become irrational and vindictive if its vital interests are attacked should be a part of the national persona we project to all adversaries....
    It hurts to portray ourselves as too fully rational and cool-headed.... "

From "Essentials of Post-Cold War Deterrence",US Strategic Command (STRATCOM) 1995

" It is cyncial to think that the contra respect human rights.
During my four years as a contra director, it was premeditated practice to terrorize civilian non-combattents to prevent their cooperation with the government...
No serious attempt has been made to stop them because terror is the most effective weapon of the contra. "

Edgar Chamorro

Painting & Photography: Mike Pilkington. Model: Dave
This image has not been digitally adjusted apsrt from blackfilling.

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