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rockodd (50Kbyte)
" There was a band of male warriors who lived in the mountains many years ago. When one member of the tribe disobeyed the group rules he had to face the others and explain himself to them. Theye found him either innocent or guilty. If they found him guilty, they lined up to shoot him while he walked in front of them.
The condemned warrior, however, was given a chance. If he walked in such a special way that noone could pull the trigger, or if he survived his wounds, he was free.
The story goes that in fact some people did manage to live through that deathwalk. Perhaps their personal power touched their comrades, making it impossible for the others to shoot. Or perhaps the condemned warrior was so centred and calm that his detachment saved him. "

From "The Shaman's Body" by Arnold Mindell [Harper Collins]

Painting & Photography: Ian Bell.    Model: Rocky
This image has not been digitally adjusted.

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