Owl (4Kbyte) Wild Frogz are not just environmnets.
Wild Frogz are not just dancers.
We are an experience.
Elementals (5Kbyte)
 Our unique style of ultra violet decor creates a vibe not often found on the party circuit.
Snake (5Kbyte)               
Full immersion in a
Magickal Forest,
Undersea Heaven,
Lunar Space,
Dungeon and Dragon,
 or Other scene.
Female Fairy (7Kbyte) Wild

Official site now under construction.
Male Fairy (8Kbyte) Eight years in the field guarantee an efficient and professional service.
Dungeon (6Kbyte) All budgets considered.
All distaces achievable.
All musical styles enhanced.
Dragons (6Kbyte) Wild Frogz dancing in wild costumes will enthuse your evening.
For the real thing in the dance culture, look no further.
Unicorns (7Kbyte)
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