Sierpinski (<1K) References/Source Material for Multivector Quantum Mechanics
    The following works are referenced directedly in, or were consulted in the prepartion of, the section "Multivector Quantum Mechanics".

    P.A.M. Dirac "Principles of Quantum Mechanics [4th Edition]" 1958 [Amazon UK]0198520115) Still the definitive nongeometric development. Somewhat heavy going.

    R.P. Feynman "Space-Time approach to non-relativistic quantum mechanics" Rev.Mod.Phys. 20(2) 1948

    Keith Hannabuss "An Introduction to Quantum Theory" 1997 [Oxford Science Publications] [Amazon UK]0198537948) Clear modern presentation of the traditional mathematical approach.

    David Hestenes "Spactime Calculus" [ Websource:]

    David Hestenes "The Kinematic Origin of Complex Wave Functions" [ Websource:]

    David Hestenes "Clifford Algebra and the Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics" [ Websource:]

    Roger Penrose "The Emperor's New Mind" [Oxford University Press,1989] Populist overview of modern physics with discussion of human brain as quantum processor.

    Roger Penrose "Shadows of the Mind" [Vintage 1995] Discussion of Godel's theorem and consequences for artifical intelligence and the human brain as quantum processor.

    Pertti Lounesto "Clifford Algebras and Spinors [2nd Ed]" Cambridge University Press 2001 [Amazon US UK]

    Chris Doran Anthony Lasenby "Geometric Algebra for Physicists" Cambridge University Press 2003 [Amazon US UK]

    D.L. Hotson "Dirac Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy" "Infinite Energy Issue 44" ,2002. [ Websource:] 2001

    Jose B. Almeida "A geomteric algebra approach to the hydrogen atom" [ Websource:] ,2006.

    Joy Christian "Disproof of Bell's Theorem by Clifford Algebra Valued Local variables" ,2007. [ Equation 17 and thereafter suspect.]

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