Sierpinski (<1K)Maths for (Games) Programmers
Section 6 - Multivector Physics


Physical Units
          The Fine Structure Constant
    Composite Units
          Non-S.I. Units     Planck System
    Notable lengths
          Time Quantisation
    Notable masses
    Notable speeds

Multivector Kinematics and Dynamics
          Stances     Composing Stances     Kinematics     UN Spinor Representation     GHC spinor form     Subbody motion
    Rigid Body Dynamics
          Rigid Bodies     Kinetic Energy     BiMomentum
    Inertia Tensors
          N-D Inertia 2-Multiform     Inertia Tensors for Particular 2D Laminae     Inertia Tensors For Particular 3D Bodies
    Multi-Particle Systems
    Multiparticle Potentials
    Rigid Body Moving Through a fluid

Fluid Mechanics
    Classical Flows
          Classical Pressure     Small peturbation sound waves     Navier-Stokes     Vorticity     Circulation     Reynolds Number
    Complex Potential
          Stream Function     Velocity Potential     Complex representations of 2D Flows     Complex Potential     Uniform Â2 Flow Past a Circular Boundary     Circular Â2 Flow Past a Circular Boundary     ÂN flow around hypershpehrical boundary     Biimpulse exerted on a 2D boundary
    Conformal flow warping
          Â2 Flow Past a sharp edged 2D Boundary     Joukowski-Kutta Condition     Aerofoil Waffle     Lift Proportionate to v2     Force Velocity Coefficients     Torque Velocity Coefficients     Bimpulses due to spin     Propellers     Body Frame Coefficients     Speed of Sound     Body as rigid amalgamation of simpler subbodies
          Problems with 1-flows      Flow rond moving sphere

Extremal M-Curves
          Euler-Lagrange Equations     Generalised Momentum     Extremal surfaces

References/Source Material for Multivector Physics

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