Sierpinski (<1K)Maths for (Games) Programmers
Section 5 - Multivector Applications

Multivector CAD Applications
    New Rotations
          Localised Rotations     Tolerant Positions     Adding Positions     Universal Geophysical Data Format     Inversive Parameterisations     Pointcloud Analysis     Referances/Source material for Multivector CAD Applications

Fuzzy Multivectors
    Fuzzy Logic
          Introduction     Fuzzy Sets     Triangular Fuzzy Number Arithmetic     Fuzzy Predicates     Fuzzy Rules
    Fuzzy Multivectors
          Multivector membership functions

Multivector Shapes
    Transforming k-blades
    Transforming k-spheres
          The Slide     The Inside Slide     The Inside Swing     Mutating k-spheres     Transforming using control points
    e+ seperation

Multivector Programming
          Introduction     Existing Multivector Software
    Representing Multivectors
          Small N     Large N     mv C++ wrapper class     Versors and Other Factorisations
    Programing Multivector Products
          Geometric and Restricted Products     Commutator Products     Addition     C multivector product routine     C++ product wrapper     Dual
    Programing Meet and Join
    Multivector Programming Issues
          Whittling     Multivector Inspection     The Delta Product     Null basis vectors     Performance Issues     Coding Issues     Precedence Issues
    MV 1.3
          MV 1.3 Files

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