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    This page contains an overview of UK (Region 2) Farcape DVD releases, with some spoilers, for those considering building a collection of this excellent, innovative, hoopy SciFantasy space opera.
    All Farscape characters, plotlines, etc. remain (c) the series creators. The official Farscape website is www.farscape.com.

Series 1
Starts poorly but rapidly attains a standard far beyond any TV SF series since "The Prisoner".
1-1 If you are interested in FARSCAPE you'll want the first episode but since the the birth of the series is not of the quality later attained, and "Premiere" often comes free with the far superior DVD 3-1, you may wish to forgo this DVD. The first four epsiodes are malsequenced on the Region 2 DVD releases.
    Premier establishes the character context for the principle character, JC [John Crichton] US astronautical scientist. To test his theories concerning exploiting atmospheric friction to increase kinetic energy, JC pilots a space shuttle on a precise orbital trajectory and is indeed catapaulted out into space, into an unanticipated wormhole, emerging light tears away amidst a space battle. JC is taken onboard living unarmed spaceship Moya and assists prisoner occupants D'Ago, Rigel, Xaan and Pilot in their escape from PK [PeaceKeeper policestate] by using mental aritmetic, no data, and a floor sketch to compute accelerant trajectory of Moya for nearby planet. By sacrificing scientific plausability, FARSCAPE gains much in the way of bizarre and interesting situations; but the series is in no way "hard" SF.
    Throne for a Loss.The fourth episode bizarly resceduled to second on the DVDs. The events occur signifantly after "Premier". Much early interaction between the characters occurs in DVD 1-2. The JC/D'Ago/Aerryn team is already working smoothly even if motives differ. This episode principly serves to establish animatronic character Rygel and introduce the Tavel race.
1-2 A lesser FARSCAPE DVD     Back and Back and Back to the Future Third episode. An enjoyable time travel romp reinforcing the science-as-magic disbelief-suspension aspect of the series.
    I ET Poor second episode foolishly rescheduled to fourth in the DVD sequence. Unecessarily pushes JC-as-spacefarer context. Amazing coincience of barely-controlled crashlanding adjacent to planet's principle SETI lab, grossly strains plot credability merely to serve a weak script. It is hard to keep faith with the series at this point, but he who does so will be ultimately rewarded.
1-3 The series starts to work its magic on this DVD. These episodes are individually entertaining, the series settles into quality and ticks over comfortably. They contain some character interaction that would have been better placed earlier in the series. The JC/D'Ago/Aerryn team falters.     Exodus From Genesis. Strong episode exploring symbiosis and the biological layering of lifeforms.
    Thank God It's Friday ...Again. Strong episode exploring the nature of society.
    PK Tech Girl First romance episode. Weak plot. Strong musical score and dialog. First appearance of PK tech Gilina.
1-4 The series begins to push established TVscifi boundaries and define itself. Extra material profiling Zhaan.     That Old Black Magic. Unremarkable mystic combat scenerio in which Crais's background is revealed and Zhaan deploys "dark" psychic weaponary. Enter Maldis.
    DNA Mad Scientist. This episode contains all that is both good and bad in Farscape. A chilling animatronic science villain, team disfunction, dark characterisations, and a novel plotline; but casual violation of mass conservation destroys any vestiges of scientific credability. Zhaan reveals scheming selfish nature. JC's moral superiority established.
1-5 Mediocre DVD.     They've Got A Secret Unremarkable low budget episode with nice music revealing D'Ago's past. Conception of Talyn.
    Till The Blood Runs Clear Unremarkable episode set on a desert planet. First appearance of Furlowe.
    The Flax A fine episode. Powerful, imaginative, comic, romantic. Rygel shines. JC & Aeyns's first kiss.
1-6Vibrant DVD. Extra material includes interesting D'Ago profile but no makeup procedures shown.     Rhapsody in Blue. The first episode that this reviewer considers a work of Art. Sets, plot, makeup, acting and score are all superb. Spiritial intrique and mental manipulations in a Delvian temple. Zhaans past revealed.
    Jeremiah Crichton A nice change of pace. A cliched TV-SF plot done well. Idyllic beaches. Vibrant colours. Sound critique of religion. A holiday episode prior to a dark series rennaisance.
1-7 Compulsory DVD. The series truly begins.     Durka Returns Chiana's entrance. Rygel's strengths confirmed. A key episode.
    A Human Reaction First false Earth episode. Powerful, albeit with an unconvincing ending. An exploration of human nature far more honest than any in US SciFi. Unannouned entrance of Wormhole Knowledge [WK] pivotal in many later episodes. JC & Aeyns's first bonk.
1-8Excellent DVD. Extra Material includes features on Rygel and Pilot puppetry.     Through The Looking Glass Light hearted but dramatic standalone dimensional interface romp.
    A Bug's Life An Invisible Intellivirus provides the best villain yet, boarding Moya along with a crack PK commando team. Romance for Aeryn. A superb episode simultaneously stressing and forging the team.
1-9Compulsory DVD. Key new characters established in two magnificent episodes .     Nerve JC and Chiana infilitrate a PK base aided by Giliana. Enter Stark. Enter Scorpius. Enter WK.
    A Hidden Memory Team rescue JC from the PK base. Birth of Talyn. Fall of Crais. Death of Giliana.
1-10 Average DVD. Series 1 Finale.     Bone To Be Wild Weak standalone episode exploring sentient plants. Zhaan's plant nature revealed.
    Family Ties Strong final episode confirming Farscape's status.
Series 2
Series 2 falters somewhat, though at its best it exceeds the best of Series 1.
2-1 Weak DVD, Series 2 early episodes are essentially meaningless unless the viewer knows and cares about the characters from series 1. The script quality has lapsed badly.     Mind The Baby Largely conversational episode resolving series 1 cliffhanger in laid back manner. . Crais and Talyn bond and depart. Unexplained absence of Stark.
    Vitas Mortis Very weak episode. D'Ago plays the death-aiding role of the still absent Stark with deeply implausible consequences.
    Taking the Stone Unusual drug-related episode. One for Chiana fans.
2-2Compulsory DVD.     Crakers Don't Matter Paranoia rules in a strong and humourous episode.
    The Way We Weren't Superb return to, and excelling of, series 1 drama. Chronicles pre-Premier events relating to Pilot. Aeryn and Crais's PK past explored.
2-3Weak DVD marking a lull in series quality.     Picture If You Will Mystic realm combat with Maldis. Fantasy rather than scifi.
    Home On The Remains Only episode rated 18 in UK (explicit nonVegetarian content). Very weak epsiode.
2-4Average DVD. The alternate Series 2 opening edit ("Re:Union") of "Dream a Little Dream" should have been included on this two-episode DVD. Extra material includes delightful "deleted scenes" from "Re:Union". .     Dream a Little Dream Courtroom drama exploring the evils of law. Some overacting but generally well played. Moya mysteriously deploys high-precision orbit-to-surface weaponary never mentioned before or since. Originally planned as series 2 opening and series 2 would have been the better for it as slick wrongfooting change of pace.
    Out Of Their Minds Deeply implausible but entertaining bodyswap romp.
2-5Poor DVD. Look at the Princess trilogy. Implausible storyline with two implausible and irrelevant subplots. JC survives protracted vacuum exposure. A crisis in script quality is mitigated only by quality acting, graphics and score.
2-6Average DVD. Weak extra material. My Three Crichtons Implausible but entertaining storyline. Beware of Dog the crew blunder their way through a parasite problem. Harvey hovers.
2-7 Average DVD.     Won't Get Foooled Again Second false Earth storyline. Enter Harvey, saving JC. Grim yet comic. A powerful episode.
    The Locket Lame somewhat self-indulgent episode. Stark rejoins Moya
2-8Average DVD. Extra Material includes 18 min Chiana Profile.     The Ugly Truth Unremarkable conflicting testimonies episode culminating in disintegration of Stark.
    A Clockwork Nebari Superb episode marking a return to form. Two Nebari temporarilly capture Moya and crew. Chiana's brother Nerri and the Nebari contagion conspiracy are introduced. Harvey saves JC again.
2-9Average DVD.     Liars Guns and Money 1 & 2 . SciFi caper movie with reasonable production values but uninspired plot. Several previous characters are recruited by the Team for planned rescue of D'Agos son.
2-10Compulsory DVD     Liars Guns and Money 3 Another gunfight-driven episode.
    Die Me Dichotomy Harvey returns to battle JC. Powerful and dramatic cliffhanger episode.
Series 3
Dark and broody. In series 3, Farscape attains and mantains unprecedented standards of TV drama.
3-1Compulsory DVD     Season Of Death Weak cliffhanger resolution, but nonetheless an exciting kick off for series 3.
    Suns & Lovers Series goes soapy with a Jothri, Chiana, D'Ago triangle but still provides an exciting plot. Exit Jothri. Enter D'Ago's ship.
    Self-Inflicted Wounds 1 Profoundly deep, dark episode. The series scales new heights. Enter Jool. Enter Pathfinders.
3-2Compulsory DVD. Extra material includes embarrassing primer "Farscape Undressed".    
    Self-Inflicted Wounds 2 This reviewer's favourite episode thus far. Exit Xhaan.
    ...Different Destinations New standard is maintained in a qripping and powerful time travel yarn with a shockingly grim ending.
3-3Compulsory DVD. Three powerful episodes.     Eat Me Crais and Talyn return. JC duplicated (a usedful plot device skillfully introduced). Jool hapless. Strongly atmospheric. Good villain.
    Thanks for Sharing Competant storyline. Series diverges into Talyn and Moya threads.
    Green Eyed Monster Relentless quality in a darkly dramatic romance with superb graphics, strong comedy, quality acting, and a clever script. Talyn swallowed by a Budong. JC2-Arryn first kiss.
3-4Average DVD. Slight, perhaps inevitable, drop in quality. Only two episodes. Additional material contains a so-so commentary. Losing Time JC and Moya crew tackle two "energy riders". Beautiful CGI in a slower paced episode.
    Relativity JC2 and Talyn Crew battle PK retrieval squad led by Aeryn's mother on a jungle planet. High drama, well acted.
3-5Mediocre DVD. Only two episodes. No additional material. Incubator Scorpius backstory episode. Slow paced episode marginally serving the story arc.
    Meltdown Talyn is drawn to a star as a moth to a flame. Humourous episode.
3-6Average DVD. Only two episodes, but limited additional material but quality of two deleted scenes indicative of their strength. Scratch n' Sniff Another pace change. Stocatto cutting, bright sixties sets and costumes overlay a dark druggy theme in a JC1 & Moya crew romp. The only episode dramatically requiring nudity from the cast, sadly not delivered. Humourous musical score.
    Infinite Possibilities 1 Deeply implausable gun battles with JC2 and Aeryn alone slaying grunts by the dozen but overall a kick-ass action start to a strong two-parter.

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