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    To enter the grand EHP PALM OS Elite Competition, comptetitors sent an email to completing the phrase "Preventing publication of PALM OS Elite is wrong because..." in no more than 42 words.
    The submitters of the three entries considered most amusing, apt, heartfelt, profound, or otherwise meritorious were to have recieved a copy of the final shelved Palm OS Elite executable.
    Competition closing date was 31 March 2003 but I cancelled it prior to this date following emailed legal threats.

    Bad luck, Commanders.

    The state of play on cancellation was as follows:
    Having traveled through the dimensions and " seen the carnage rage across a universe that had no Palmtop Elite " , Commander Harper was looking like a winner, the judges recognising that alternate time lines should be taken seriously.
    Commander Braisby was in the frame for his " ... Having wasted much of my childhood playing this insanely addictive game I feel it is only correct and proper that I can play it on the Palm at work, and waste a perfectly good job too. "
    Commander James' point that Preventing publication of PALM OS Elite is wrong because " ... Otherwise we'll just all pirate it anyway, and poor Till won't reap any benefit.:( " is too true to be easily dismissed.
    Commander Schneider hit the nail with " ... the legend must not die. Never. " Commander Moriarty had " ... Elite was the first game that manifested PHYSICAL sensations from the MENTAL. I will never forget the suspense of limping back to base following a vicious attack, or the sweaty palms while perfecting docking. Please give Elite fans everywhere these feelings again! "
    Commander Flame transmitted some scuttlebutt. Commander Chopper felt that " Void sucks each forty seven of the Flight Elders feathery balls and we need a decent version on the palm! "
    These Commanders were all vectored on the booty, KrugerFlux and De Lacy Volewarp forced conflicting continuum assertions along proximal knifeedges of destiny, but the Viper had the hyperdrop.
    All will now have to make do with their secret copetition cancellation consolation prize.

    Commander Fire's argument that " free trade was a key point of Elite , only the priates opposing commerce. " ruled himself out as an illicit binary would jeapardise what is clearly a Very Clean Legal Status.
    Commander Smith was expelled through the airlock for legal reasons.
    Finally, Commander Hagen is unable to fit a BBC B into his shirt pocket, but might have better luck given a Gameboy Advance, a baggy shirt, and a hyperlock on Quirky Remakes.

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