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The best way to re-experience the feel of 8 bit Elite is to run the NES (Famicon) version using an emulator.

I recommend you use Marat Fayzullin's iNES emulator (registered version) having configured it (File|SetUp) as follows:
Update: x1 Frames; VBlank x310 lines; HBlank x115 Cycles; Palette #0; PAL Display.

Other emulators  are available. I'm told Nesticle works if you turn VBlank down to 30.

PAL NES Elite was published in Europe in 1991 by Imagineer to rave reviews but no publisher was found for the US (NTSC) version. The ROM image available from this page is a modification of the unpublished NTSC version.

Click here to download NES Elite (82 Kbytes)

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