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Elite The Musical
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    In the late eighties my brother Aidan Bell wrote a succession of musicals with lyricist Brian Phillips. One of these was a rock musical based on Elite. Though "West End" style musicals are not really my thing, I think "Elite The Musical" is better than most and has the potential to be a kicking rock-techno stage show or perhaps the first virtual musical.

    "Elite The Musical" (c) Aidan Bell & Brian Phillips 1989. Pink Hippo Productions Ltd

    My preferance is that "Elite The Musical" audio NOT be used to underscore Elite:Dangerous videos. If you absolutely must, please ensure an onscreen credit.

    Elite The Musical - Book and Lyrics.

    The mp3 (<1K) icon in the above document denotes a downloadable MPEG-3 demo recording of a given song or theme. The early warbly mp3s have now been replaced by sharper 128Kbit mpegs. With the exception of the main Elite Theme (Chris Abbott's arrangement as in the Elite file archive), all the mp3 demos are performed by Aidan Bell. Some where taken from a rough Studio demo C90 audio cassette and are of poor auido quality.
    To learn about mp3 files, visit mp3.com.

    The wav (<1K) links will not function unless you have the database.

    Cambridge Sol 3 Production.

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