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    Though i recommend the NES over the BBC version, you may wish to maximise your nostalgia factor by running the original 1984 BBC Micro version using an emulator. Note thatb Elite - The New Kind is a recent PC implementation of Elite pretty true to the original BBC version.

    You can use Chris Lam's Horizon emulator; this does flicker somewhat at the split-screen mode change.

Click here to download BBC Elite [disk image] (52 Kbytes)
Click here to download BBC Elite [Horizon files - PC] (71 Kbytes)
Click here to download BBC Elite [Horizon files - Mac] (101 Kbytes)
    The file ELITE should be *RUN rather than CHAINed.

You can now emulate the Master 128 and 2nd Processor versions of BBC Elite using   Stuart McConnachie's PC BBC emulator.

Click here to download Master 128 & "Executive" 2ndPro Elites [disk image] (126 Kbytes)

    Also available here is Angus Duggan's Elite A, a comprehensive enhancement of BBC Elite. He created this by disassembling the object code and then reprograming the resultant source. A significant achievement for which respect is due.   This fails to emulate on Horizon but can be emulated by Dave Devenport's BeebInC emulator

Expand the zip file into the same directory as BBC.EXE and then within that directory type
BBC -sb -scanlines -exact

Click here to download BBC Elite A [BeebInC Files] (163 Kbytes)


Click here to download BBC Cassette Elite sources [disk image] (120 Kbytes)
Click here to download BBC Cassette Elite sources [key text files] (32 Kbytes)
Click here to download BBC 2nd Processor Elite sources [disk image] (142 Kbytes)

    The disk images are of double-sided 80-track BBC disks containing what I believe to be the final sources for the Cassette and 2ndPro versions of BBC Micro Elite published by and copyright Acornsoft 1984 and 1985, together with some raw binary data. Note that the program HIBASIC has been removed from the 2ndPro sources disk. BBC Disk Elite is not included here. This was a combination of two programs, one loaded while docked, the other while in space. All the extra functionality of Disk Elite is included in the 2ndPro version.    
    The BBC Elite sources were initially crammed onto a single sided 40-track disk (100K of data!) and comments and whitespace tended to suffer accordingly. The sources are extremely compact and terse. Some of the routines were developed on an Acorn Atom, hence the preponderance of variable names of the form [letter pair][number].

Click here to download Elite ship sources [disk image] (38 Kbytes)
Click here to download BBC Elite 2 ship sources [disk image] (15 Kbytes)

    David Braben wrote the original Elite ship plot routines on an Acorn Atom and i believe designed his ships on graph paper before entering the object data directly into a hex editor. I created my ships with BBC BASIC programs and the sources for my BBC Disk Elite ships may be found on this disk image. The Cougar can be found as the "Cat" on the BBC Elite 2 ship sources disk. This release substantiates my FAQ. Once a ship file is created you can use *VIEW <name> to display and rotate it.

    I recommend loading these BBC disk images into a disk-image based BBC Micro emulation program such as PC BBC or Mike Wyatt's BeebEm to access them via BBC BASIC.

    If anybody produces any analysis or representation of these sources, please let me know so i can host or link to it here.

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