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File Size
pkunzip.exe29 K  Expands ZIP files. Ver 2.04g. DOS.
a0000010.png283 K  1980 RPG "Space Opera" Rulebook Vol 2 p72 detail
a0000020.png191 K  1980 RPG "Space Opera" Rulebook Vol 2 p78 detail
a4080602.zip.120 K  BBC Model B Cassette Elite Sources (disk image)
a4080610.zip.32 K  BBC Model B Cassette Elite Sources (text files)
a4090000.zip.24 K  Electron Cassette Elite (Acn) (UEF cassette image)
a4090010.zip.24 K  Electron Cassette Elite (Sup) (UEF cassette image)
a4100000.zip.52 K  BBC Model B Disk Elite (disk image)
a4100001.zip.71 K  BBC Model B Disk Elite (files)
a4100070.zip.3615 K  BBC Elite Manual (GIF scans)
a4100082.zip.38 K  Elite ship sources (Bell) (disk image)
a4100010.gif.12 K  Elite logo
a4110020.htm3 K  Beebug review
a4120000.htm4 K  Acorn News report (text)
a4120001.png843 K  Acorn News report (scan)
a4120010.htm9 K  Acorn World report
a5022201.zip.142 K  BBC 2nd Pro Elite Sources (disk image)
a5050000.zip.47 K  Emulable C64 Elite
a5050001.zip.79 K  Emulable C64 Elite (plus cheats)
a5050002.zip.82 K  Emulable C64 Elite (inc load screen and German version)
a5050003.zip.40 K  C64 Elite (for use on real C64s)
a5050070.txt.79 K  C64 Elite manual (plain text)
a5050080.zip.191 K  C64 Elite manual (illus) (MS Word)
a5060000.jpg.445 K  Scan of lowgrade print of Bell Braben 1984 launch photo
a5100000.zip.28 K  Emulable 48K Spectrum Elite
a5100010.zip.28 K  Emulable 128K Spectrum Elite
a5100020.zip.117 K  Emulable Russian varient Spectrum Elites
a4100002.zip.45 K  Elite:The Dark Wheel (Novella)
a6010000.zip.41 K  Emulable Amstrad CPC Elite
a6010010.zip.39 K  Emulable Apple II Elite
a7000003.zip.74 K  BBC Model B Disk Elite A (disk image)
a7000002.zip.163 K  BBC Model B Disk Elite A (files)
a7100000.zip.49 K  PC Elite (cracked)
a8010002.zip.88 K  Emulable MSX Elite
a8070010.zip.215 K  Emulable Atari ST Elite (cracked)
a8070040.zip.4 K  Atari cheat notes
a8100000.zip.332 K  Emulable Amiga Elite (cracked)
b1022000.zip.242 K  PC Elite Plus (+passwords)
b1022001.zip.240 K  PC Elite Plus (cracked)
b1022010.zip.42 K  Imprint (Novella)
b4000000.zip.83 K  Emulable Commodore Plus/4 Elites
b4020010.zip.222 K  Emulable Genesis Elite demo
b4040900.zip.13 K  Emulable GameBoy Elite demo
b4070000.png357 K  Frontier First Encounters extension announcement Amiga Computing
b4080500.png511 K  Frontier First Encounters Bell Objection CTW report
b5052400.arc.373 K  Archimedes Elite (!Spark archive)
b5052410.arc.419 K  Archimedes Elite (Patched) (!Spark archive)
b5052420.zip.310 K  Emulable Archimedes Elite (ADF image)
b5052480.zip.11 K  Archimedes Elite ship sources
b5081501.htm12 K  Bell Games Domain interview
b5082800.png.166 K  Braben v EMAP CTW report
b5090002.jpg933 K  PC Zone #30 Frontier First Encounters Feature (p92,93)
b5090800.txt2 K  Braben v EMAP Writ
b5121600.txt1 K  Braben & Bell Agreement RE Libel
b5121601.txt1 K  Braben & Bell Public Statement RE Libel
b5121800.txt1 K  Bell Press Release RE Libel
b6000010.jpg172 K  GameTek Frontier First Encounters Remastered Version Advert
b6061100.txt12 K  GameTek v Braben Writ
b7010302.txt7 K  Braben v EMAP payment ruling
b7120500.zip.82 K  Emulable NES Elite
b7051600.zip.9 K  Elite ship geometries
b80000C0.zip.15 K  Bell BBC Elite 2 ship sources (disk image)
b8020001.zip.126 K  BBC/M128/2P("Executive") Elites (disk image)
b8021000.zip.80 K  Emulable C128 Elite B
b8060000.mp31377 K  Elite theme (A.Bell arr.#1 C.Abbott)
b8060010.mp32819 K  Elite theme (A.Bell arr.#2 C.Abbott)
b9101100.htm11 K  Braben Elite FAQ as webposted 11/10/99
b9101315.zip.35 K  Text Elite 1.5
c0031900.zip.14 K  Elite ships in VRML (J.Mackay)
c0122000.txt9 K  Bell+Braben Bits interview
c1000011.zip71 K  Mkscript 1.1
c1061100.zip.23 K  8-bit Atari Elite demo
c1080400.txt4 K  Bell Game World Navigator interview  
c2030000.zip23 K  DirectX Elite ship geometries (Neil Wallis)
c2060500.txt11 K  Bell pczone interview
c2031200.htm16 K  Braben Elite FAQ as webposted 12/03/02
c3030001.zip675 K  Bell Early design scans
c3042300.htm5 K  Frontier Press Release 23/04/03 implying Braben sole creator of Elite  
d1000010.jpg380 K  Phantom League card game frontpage credit "inspired by David Braben's video game Elite"
d4000010.png565 K  Credit pages of Gollancz novel "Elite: Nemorensis" that nowhere credits mentions Ian Bell or Acornsoft  
d4000020.png329 K  Credit page of Gollancz novel "Elite: Wanted" that nowhere credits Ian Bell or Acornsoft  
d4000040.jpg344 K  Credit page of Writer and Aurthor Press novel "Out of the Darkness" that nowhere credits Ian Bell or Acornsoft  
d4000041.jpg295 K  Acknowledgment page of Writer and Author Press novel "Out of the Darkness" that mentions Ian Bell but not Acornsoft  
d4000050.pdf575 K  Credit and Acknowledgment pages of Fantastic Books Publishing novel "Elite: Mostly Harmless" that nowhere credits or mentions Ian Bell or Acornsoft  
d4000060.zip1362 K  Credit and Acknowledgment pages of Fantastic Books Publishing novel "Elite: And Here The Wheel" that exploits characters and concepts from Acornsoft Novella "Elite:The Dark Wheel" by Rob Holdstock but nowhere credits acknowledges or mentions Rob Holdstock Ian Bell or Acornsoft  
d4061300.txt3 K  Observer Article quoting Braben claim to be sole creator of Elite  
d4090010.txt.437 K  Paul Brink annotated BBC Disk Elite Docked Sources  
d4090012.txt.493 K  Paul Brink annotated BBC Disk Elite Flight Sources  
d5102100.htm4 K  Frontier 2015 IP Clarifications
More files are likely to be added.
Please send me any files you feel should be included here.

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