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Regarded by many as the best ever version of Elite.
Programmed by Warren Burch and Clive Gringras and published by Hybrid in 1991.

 Extensions, cheats, and guides are available from   Simon Challand's Acorn Elite Pages   ; Acorn Arcade ; and DoggySoft .

Click here to download Arc Elite (419 Kbytes)[Use Right Click|Save_Link_As if problems arise]
This file is a !SparkFS archive of Archimedes Elite V1.14, identical to the retail release version, except the program has its password-based protection removed, a new commander file 'Gisburne' has been added for an easier start to the game, and files to support the Falcon joystick interface have been added. It has also been patched by Richard Goodwin to run on all Acorn RISC machines.

It is now possible to emulate Archimedes Elite on a PC, albeit silently, using Archi, or Red Squirrel. It may also work on the opensource Linux/Unix/Windows Arc emulator ArcEm.

Click here to download Emulable Arc Elite (310 Kbytes)
This ADF disk image cannot be used on a real Archimedes.

Click here to download Arc Elite ship sources [C text] (11 Kbytes)

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