Asian Kittens

Location: Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK.

We have a new queen Adversane Delphinium , a blue Asian, and have retired Kupro Nigella, a black Asian smoke, and Adquash Red Flame, a red Asian self

    Previous queens: Kupro MilleFiore, a black Asian tortie, and Kupro Black Aster, a bombay,

Our current litter consists of blue Burmese variant femal, a black (Bombay) female and a brown Burmese variant male ), sired by Chinkara Joe Brown, born 27 Sep 2008, These will be ready to go 14 Oct 2009.
    Picture 1 of current litter.
    Picture 2 of current litter.
    Picture 3 of current litter.
    Pedigree of current litter.

Call 01284 850478 or Email Ian Bellif interested..

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